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SEO, Lead Gen and Conversion
Optimization for Plastic Surgeons

We know you don't care about SEO, Landing Pages or Conversion Analytics. What we are offering is a proven system that uses these tools to fill your consultation calendar.

The Challenge

Your SEO efforts need to be focused and planned well into the future. Ranking for cosmetic surgery search terms is incredibly competitive and every term you don't rank for is money a competitor gets. We understand you are incredibly busy so we keep on top of the latest search optimization methods and dominate the Google rankings.

The Oppourtunity

There are a large number of people searching for plastic surgery related search terms like "breast enlargement surgery". Those are dollars waiting to be moved into your pipeline. These searches are taking place in every country and every city and we position your online presence to capture them.

The Strategy

We start by completing a full site audit that shows us weak points that are ripe for improvement. This audit helps us select the combination of marketing playbooks to deploy. Generally we start with SEO then move to Conversion optimization once the traffic starts increasing. Google rankings drive traffic which fills your consultation calendar.

The Result

The goal is a packed consultation calendar that is booked months in advance. We aim to deliver 50-75 premium bookings per month. The content we produce weeds out tire kickers and delivers a client that doesn't need to be "sold" on the practice or procedures.

Let RareAudience grow your Cosmetic Surgery practice with proven digital marketing techniques.

Conversion rate optimization is an essential part of your marketing campaign. The journey a customer takes through the buying decision process now takes place on a variety of offline and online channels, many of which are third party platforms. It is more important now than ever before for your company to understand what factors lead to conversion on the touch points your brand controls.