The Audience Agency.

RareAudience is a booking agent for your audience’s retargeting impressions.

Why did we build around Retargeting?

Retargeting is used primarily for e-commerce websites but when implemented properly it becomes a powerful audience segmenting and revenue tool. We can combine a creators fans from their blog, social media, youtube accounts into a audience silo. For each impression these users generate on the creators properties there are thousands that are available when they leave.

Our ideal agency candidates are creators/publishers in a very tight vertical that can be matched to a clear brand leader. For example a high end watch blog with 50K+ monthly readers would be a great fit while a general blog about business would not be. Passionate creators in a well defined niche are what we look for.

Roles & Responsibilities


Creators provide the audience: Websites, Instagram, Youtube etc. The ideal audience is tightly focused around one subject that has a clear upside for brands. Beauty, Gaming, Home and Garden, Finance, Athletics etc.


We tag the audience provided by the creators ensuring there is no personally identifiable information. Campaigns are implemented for brands while terms are enforced on behalf of creators. Both ends are monitored.


Brands pick audiences from creators they want. Audiences are made available for 3,6 or 12 month periods. Any combination of campaigns can be run against this audience for the entire timeframe: Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Google.


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RareAudience helps clients ask the right business questions, select and instrument the right tools, verify their data integrity, manage their reporting infrastructure and provide recommendations and insights that achieve measurable results.

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