Make your online venture profitable.

Most online businesses have several revenue streams: Sponsorships, Banner ads, Merch, Affiliate Commission etc. RareAudience adds another: leasing your retargeting audience. The right brand for your niche will pay for 3, 6 or 12 months of exclusive access to your audience.

All brand campaigns that are approved display on other sites your audience visits. No stuffing ads on your site or coming up with sponsored posts. Just install a javascript tag, approve brands and collect your monthly payout.

No invasive ads. Top tier brands. Monthly payouts.
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What kind of payout can I expect?

This depends on the industry your audience is focused on and how many large brand players exist in that space. We also take into account the size of your audience, how long they spend on your properties and current advertisers. We've seen deals ranging from a several hundred dollars a month to deep into six figures..

How much does RareAudience charge?

We charge 30% of the leasing deals we bring you. We don't charge any setup fees or hidden charges. We find you a brand partner, you agree, we send you 70% of the contract value every month. We get paid when you get paid. We also handle all the implementation, segmentation and technical questions from the brand.