Access your most valuable Audience.

Creators have amassed some of the best audiences in every vertical imaginable. We segment already interested audiences to match your ideal customer profile. Instead of paying for a sponsored post seen by a fraction of users we can offer you the full audience for months at a time.

- Exclusive Audience Access
- Extend Campaign Life
- Unlimited Campaigns
- Custom Segmentation

Keep your brand top of mind.
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What platforms do you work with?

Ads can be deployed to the tagged audience via Facebook, Google ads, Linkedin, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram. If you have another required network let us know and our dev team will put together a custom quote.

Are there limits on the campaigns we can run?

No. You can deploy any number of campaigns during your lease period. Need to push different campaigns based on season or up coming holidays? Go right ahead. This also allows you to split test creatives and copy effectively.

How do you handle Privacy and GDPR?

All links and properties we represent for creators fully disclose the retargeting use and actively inform the audience. In addition for affected areas we take extra steps to ensure the data use is GDPR compliant. The audience is never sold to you just leased for a specific time frame. RareAudience acts as the intermediary agency working on behalf of the creator to implement your campaign with your team's oversight.

How can we segment the audience?

You can split up the audience pool using the following items:
- URLs
- A fixed page
- An event
- The number of pages viewed
- The number of impressions served
- CRM lists
When you run a campaign against the defined audience further dayparting, frequency, demographic and geographic parameters can be selected.

How much will this cost?

The monthly access fee is negotiated between you and the creator. In terms of direct ad spend we give anticipated spend based on audience size:
10k - 25k person audience: $55 - $110 per day
25k - 50k person audience: $110 - $215 per day
50k - 100k person audience: $215 - $430 per day
100k - 500k person audience: $430 - $2150 per day
The above are suggestions. You have complete control over the campaign budget, daily spend, duration etc. Reaching the audience is drastically cheaper than attempting to reach the same audience through PPC. We work aggressively to separate curious visitors from actual enthusiasts in each audience.